Cloudera Director 1.5: Now With Google Cloud Platform

Whether you need to run Hadoop on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment, Cloudera believes that you should have the same production-ready features and experience – complete with the fastest, most powerful analytic tools; easy administration; compliance-ready security; and comprehensive data management and governance. Cloudera Director brings this level of deployment flexibility to cloud environments.

This powerful tool is a free component – directly integrated into Cloudera’s platform – and is used in production by customers across multiple industries. Cloudera Director is the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to get started with Hadoop in the cloud, while ensuring you still get the enterprise-grade capabilities that make Cloudera Enterprise the leading platform for Hadoop in production.

Today’s release of Cloudera Director 1.5 includes an open plugin framework – making it easy for cloud vendors to integrate with Cloudera Director and the rest of the Cloudera Enterprise platform. The initial release of Cloudera Director supported Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, using the plugin, Google developed Google Cloud Platform integration.

This means users can now choose to deploy on Google Cloud Platform or AWS. These integrations have been open sourced to be used as reference guides and to open them up to community improvements and extensions for continued quality. You can find them all on Github:

Cloudera Director 1.5 has also added a number of critical enterprise features, including Kerberos integration for security authentication and high availability cluster setup. We also examined customer usage patterns and improved the user interface for easier management of even the most advanced use cases.

Cloudera Director 1.5 is now available for free to download. For additional guidance on deploying Cloudera Enterprise in cloud environments, download the reference architectures for AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

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