First Year Reflections on the Intel Cloudera Relationship

It’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago when we announced the Intel – Cloudera partnership.  It has been an extraordinary year during which we have worked closely with Intel and taken advantage of the many synergies between our organizations.  We have delivered new product functionality, opened new markets, aligned our partner and GTM motions, and expanded the big data market for the industry. Our partnership and our close alignment with such an impactful company has become a tremendous asset for Cloudera and differentiator for our business.  In a little more than a year, we have made great strides to optimize how Cloudera runs on Intel architecture and to bring these solutions to market, all benefiting our mutual customers. Together, we expect that we will help many more organizations take advantage of Cloudera’s transformational technology.  

The Cloudera and Intel relationship is unique.  As Cloudera designs its software and as Intel designs its processors, we are able to share and collaborate on requirements, designs, and early product releases to make the platform more performant, secure, governed and functional — all essential for enterprise adoption.  Not only will Cloudera Enterprise keep up with Moore’s Law, we will actually exceed its pace as more efficiencies are built into our joint solutions and as we take full advantage of the exceptional Intel technologies.  The best example of this collaboration is with AESNI encryption – offloading this encryption so that it can be done at virtually no cost. There are many more examples to come for current and future Intel architectures, as workloads become more complex and resource hungry and as data volumes continue to grow. As organizations consume new types of data through the Internet of Things (IoT) and other architectures, performance, security and governance across the enterprise infrastructure will only become more important.

Intel has been a tremendous partner in many other ways. Our product and engineering teams have collaborated on four releases and integrated the IDH functionality into Cloudera Enterprise.  Further, we merged our Hadoop sales and field technical teams, providing broader coverage for our customers worldwide. Most notably, this enabled us to enter the China market with a full team, able to meet the challenges of that market’s large and progressive customers.

Further, we have collaborated with Intel to accelerate our key joint partnerships. Obviously, Intel has deep relationships with the hardware vendors and we have collaborated to build solutions like the Dell In Memory Appliance for Cloudera. They also have meaningful relationships with the Cloud providers, ISVs, Re-sellers, and GSIs. Our relationships are only richer, more meaningful, and unique based upon Intel’s participation in them.

Intel has helped us to tell the story of big data – and the possibilities which it provides through the wide variety of marketing channels that it has. We meaningfully engage and jointly participate with Intel on most all of our field events and demand generation activities.

We expect this to be another transformational year.  As the IoT market matures, there will be more sophisticated requirements for the rapid, secure, reliable ingest and analysis of diverse data sets.  We will continue to collaborate aggressively to make Cloudera Enterprise even more performant, secure, governed and manageable. Customers will no longer consume a collection of technologies.  Instead, they will be able to transform their businesses through solutions which allow them to better understand their customers, to build new data driven products and services, and to manage risk far more effectively than they ever had before. With our partnership, we are able to deliver these solutions to our customers all the more quickly, with less risk, and with less cost.  We are thrilled with the possibilities and cannot wait for another great year with Intel!

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