Machine Learning and Deep Learning at Strata + Hadoop World San Jose 2017

By my best estimation, this upcoming Strata+Hadoop World will be my tenth. That may sound like a ton, but given that the event is hosted twice a year in the US, three times outside North America that’s roughy four years of watching the industry/event grow and transform. I have seen some key themes surface over the years including the transformation of enterprise data management, the rise of cloud, and the emergence of Apache Spark.  

This year I am starting to feel we will see a new area focus steal the limelight. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have in short order captured the hearts and minds of data systems and solutions providers everywhere. A rather likely explanation for this is that big data platform users are starting to experience success leveraging these technologies and they are important initiatives that impact the way that organizations position themselves strategically in their respective landscapes.  

The maturity of big data and modern analytics are converging to create a recipe that is permeating the enterprise. It’s no longer a question whether an enterprise should have a big data and modern analytics strategy; it is a requirement. Just like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark birthed vibrant ecosystems advanced analytics is positioned to see much of the same high velocity innovation.

Cloudera is a modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics with common libraries delivered by Apache Spark and tightly coupled integrations of the newest open source frameworks. Our customers like Experian, Wargaming, and ShopperMotion build advanced capabilities with machine learning and big data that will continue to deliver strong value in the years ahead.

At this year’s Strata+Hadoop World in San Jose March 13th-16th you can take part in several discussions that will help you understand better understand the new challenges and solutions for modern data science.

I will be front at center of many of these sessions hoping to get a glimpse of what is next for Apache Hadoop and the expanded analytics ecosystem.  I will also be chatting with you all at the Cloudera booth and hosting an open meetup if you are interested in hearing more about data science at Cloudera.

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