Cybersecurity On Call: Securing the Fourth Platform with Peter Tran

The world has become applications driven as we have adopted cloud, big data, social, and mobile technologies. This shift has significantly transformed our lives as everything continues to become digital. From dating, to banking, to warfare, to even citizenship. You heard me right. Since 2015, Estonia has been handing out e-residencies for anyone that wants to become a citizen of the nation. By moving all of their government services to the digital era, citizens can now do all of their voting, banking, taxation, and more, all online.

While Estonia is a shining example of the bleeding edge, there are always risks associated with living on the edge. As more and more enterprises and nations become digital, the cybersecurity industry has had to continue to change. These digital changes I just mentioned have been driven by the modern computing platform that analyst commonly refer to as the third platform. Our guest, Peter Tran, has seen first hand how the third platform has changed the cybersecurity industry. He believes that while the third platform has caused massive disruption, the emerging fourth platform that is connecting every device to the internet will entirely transform the cybersecurity industry.

Peter is an advanced cyber-defense technology security operations practitioner and an executive leader with over 18 years of demonstrated field experience. He has focused on developing, implementing, and growing cutting edge cybersecurity solutions and practices to address new innovations, applications, and applied information security defense methods. He has appeared as a cybersecurity subject matter expert on countless television networks including NBC, CBS, Fox News, Bloomberg, and many more.


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