Cybersecurity On Call: Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Welcome to “Cybersecurity On Call,” where we discuss the trends, get perspectives, and find tips for cybersecurity professionals. I am your host, TJ Laher, from Cloudera.

Today’s episode won’t be our usual programming, today is our 2017 end of year special where we will dive into our top five tips from last year’s season. Starting with number five…

  • Our number five tip comes from a fellow cybersecurity podcast host, Vince Tocce. Let’s listen to why you are only as strong as your weakest link. (26:47 to 27:49)
  • Our number four tip comes from Paul Roberts, Editor in Chief of the Security Ledger. Let’s just say you shouldn’t count on the company to secure consumer device out of the box. (17:14 to 19:38)
  • Our number three tip comes from RSA’s general manager, Peter Tran, where he discusses how you need to rethink your apps strategy (20:13 to 21:13)
  • Our number two tip comes from four-time New York Times bestselling author Bill Gertz where he discusses the importance of backup and encryption (17:44 to 18:08
  • And our number one tip from our 2017 season comes from NIST fellow, Dr. Ron Ross where he teaches us that triaging isn’t just for battlefield medicine.  (22:30 to 23:46)

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And that’s all folks, my name is TJ Laher and I look forward to hosting you next time on “Cybersecurity On Call.”

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