cyber security

Platfora and Cloudera: Raising the Bar for Cybersecurity

Author: Mustafa Rassiwala, Director of Product Management, Security Analytics Platfora Big Data Discovery and the Cloudera EDH for Cybersecurity combine to provide a powerful solution that addresses the major challenges that businesses face in taking on their growing security risks. …
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Securonix + Cloudera = Security Intelligence Redefined

This week, Cloudera and the security analytics company Securonix publically announced a joint solution that combats cyber threats with real-time analytics and monitoring. Security event monitoring products were built for data collection, retention and compliance reporting, with limited threat detection…
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E8 Security Chooses Cloudera Enterprise to Build Next Generation, Machine Learning Based Security Analytics Solution for Defending Against Cyber threats

If you ask any enterprise security analyst, who spends a good portion of their day analyzing large volumes of data, from disparate systems, they’d tell you it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s a manual, time-consuming,…
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