Big Data & Brews: Informatica Talks Security

By Stefan Groschupf

I’m extremely excited to return from our hiatus with a new interview with Informatica’s Acting CEO, Anil Chakravarthy. He has over 15 years of experience in security and given the importance of big data governance, I thought he was the perfect candidate to share what he sees coming down the pipeline.

Tune in below to see the first installment.



Anil Chakravarthy, Acting CEO, Informatica

Stefan: Welcome to Big Data and Brews. It’s been a long time. I’m very excited to start off a new season of Big Data and Brews with Anil Chakravarthy from Informatica. Thanks for joining.

Anil: My pleasure.

Stefan: Usually we ask to please introduce yourself and the brew you brought, but it’s so early in the morning, we decided we’d go for coffee and refreshing water. Tell me a little bit about your background. You have a very interesting background, very security-focused. How did that shape how you got to Informatica and what you’re doing there?

Anil: Yes, as you said, I’ve had a deep background in security for the last 15 years. I was at Symantec, where I ran the enterprise security business. I was at Symantec for nearly 10 years. Before that at VeriSign, where I was responsible for product management of the VeriSign security services. Coming to Informatica, to me, was really a great way to bring that security expertise to the data layer.

As you know, a lot of the security world is still very much at the network layer. It’s creeping up into the application layer, but if you really look at where security can be most affective, it’s really at the data layer. There you know what you are trying to protect, what is sensitive, what is valuable. We at Informatica are taking a new approach, based on my background, but based also on what we see from the industry. We are taking a new data-centric approach to security.

Stefan: I think there are two topics I want to talk to you about today. One is really securing data and one is using data to secure, if that makes sense?

Anil: Yeah, yeah, it does.

Stefan: Why don’t we start with the first one? What’s your perspective about what’s going on in … Maybe we expand it from security to overall data governance. What is really the requirement of the market? Where are the products today? Where do they have to come, where are the shortcomings?

Anil: Yeah, let’s start with …read more

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