Analyzing Wine Sales using Tableau on Cloudera Live

Visual analytics is a great way to find deeper insights into your data, and discovering those insights is an interactive process.  It’s not about asking a question and returning a single, finite answer.  Instead, the promise of visual analytics comes when that single question leads you to data that prompts so many more questions.  Only then do the true, business-defining answers tend to come.  That’s why big data is so important to Tableau customers. It adds a whole new dimension to what data analytics can offer.

We know just how transformative data-driven decision-making can be, especially when an organization empowers all employees to explore data from the most disparate of sources. That’s why we’re excited to be a part of Cloudera Live on Amazon Web Services. Cloudera Live makes it easy to explore large volumes of data and create incredible visualizations on Tableau.

We’re seeing significant cloud adoption among our users, and the reasons are pretty clear. A data-driven organization that wants to empower its employees with access to time-sensitive data simply cannot sit around and wait for lengthy hardware provisioning cycles. Cloud gives customers the infrastructure to scale and move at the speed of the business. Cloudera Live gives you a flavor of the success you can achieve with this model. For example, fast data access is crucial in the discovery process, and you’ll get a chance to experience our integration with Impala.

The Tableau demo uses a 100-million-row consumer packaged goods (CPG) dataset to illustrate the power of using Tableau with Impala to rapidly analyze big datasets stored in Hadoop. Specifically we will be analyzing a dataset of wine sales to determine which flavors are the best and worst sellers, which brands sell well in certain markets, and analyzing our pricing model for each flavor.


Try Cloudera Live right here. All you need is an AWS account. The Cloudera Live/Tableau trial includes a trial license of Tableau that automatically downloads when you set up the environment.

We created a Tableau tutorial page to help get you started. This step-by-step guide will take you through the entire set up process. Have fun!


Todd Talkington is the Sr. Technical Partner Manager at Tableau. Todd has been in the high tech industry for more than 15 years. At Tableau he works with technology partners to help people see and understand their data.

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