And the award goes to…

It’s awards season and you’d be hard pressed to turn on the TV and not see some mention of red carpets, expensive ball gowns, and Leonardo DiCaprio. For our part my wife and I, along with several devoted friends, gather each year to have an Oscars viewing party to take in all the fanfare (truth be told: I wouldn’t watch otherwise!). Turns out I have a bit of a knack for picking the winners, too, as I haven’t finished lower than second place in the pool over the course of the last ten years.

But we’re not here to talk about Hollywood now, are we?

Like the film industry, the data management market is in the midst of its own award-like season. Recently, Forrester released the Forrester Wave(™): Big Data Hadoop Distributions Q1 2016 and named Cloudera a leader. Understandably, we’re thrilled with this placement as we believe it’s a validation of our position as the leader in Apache Hadoop.

“Cloudera thinks big and acts fast”

From the beginning, Cloudera’s vision has been to bring Hadoop to enterprises across industries so that they can address their most challenging data problems. Today, organizations large and small are turning to Cloudera to implement better customer and channel strategies, build data-driven products and services, and effectively manage security, risk and compliance like never before.

SanDisk, for example, is optimizing manufacturing and product quality leveraging Cloudera to capture and analyze data from product design to assembly. BetVector has built an enterprise data hub using Cloudera so that they can gain greater insight into customer behavior and habits. And Countertack is revolutionizing security by adding Hadoop to its solution so organizations can effectively manage the growing number of cyber threats that they face. These are just a few examples of the many companies that are using Cloudera to do transformative things. It’s for reasons like these that Forrester has given us the Leader designation.

Fast. Easy. Secure: the recipe for success

Over the years, Hadoop has shifted from being used as a ‘cheap and deep’ storage alternative to must-have for anyone serious about analytics. As Forrester’s Mike Gualtierri stated in his predictions for 2015, “Hadoop adoption and innovation is moving forward at a fast pace, playing a critical role in today’s data economy”. In other words, it’s something all the cool kids are doing.

Cloudera’s focus on making Hadoop easier has helped accelerate its widespread adoption. We were the first to invest in simplifying Hadoop operations via Cloudera Manager, one of the reasons called out in the recent Wave report as to why we are a leader in Forrester’s eyes. As customers’ needs have shifted and Cloud becomes an area of interest, we’ve added capabilities to Cloudera Director to simplify the process of running in the Cloud as well. Customers also need help rationalizing workloads across their “Hadoop-ified” architecture, so we added Navigator Optimizer to make it dead easy.

Performance is always top of mind so Cloudera Enterprise offers all the capabilities required to process, deliver and analyze data as fast as needed. We offer the most comprehensive support for Apache Spark, lead the way in SQL-on-Hadoop innovation with Apache Impala (incubating), and are now pushing the boundaries with high performance storage capabilities via Apache Kudu (incubating).

For an increasing number of organizations, all of this is for nought without robust security capabilities for keeping enterprise data safe. As the only PCI certified Hadoop distribution on the market, it’s safe to say we take security seriously. Whether you’re concerned about authentication, authorization, encryption or audit, only Cloudera has our customers covered with a comprehensive security suite.

These three tenants (fast, easy, secure) make Cloudera Enterprise the great product that it is today and are the reasons why customers turn to Cloudera for their mission critical big data projects. As one customer said to us recently, “anyone really serious about big data and data science is using Cloudera.”  

As Hadoop turns 10, we’re excited not only with how far we’ve come, but what the future holds.  As Forrester has stated in this year’s report, “enterprise adoption is mandatory for firms that wish to double-down on advanced analytics and create insights-driven applications to help them succeed in the age of the customer.”  We couldn’t agree more and look forward to working with you as you drive enterprise transformation through data. Download the report and start your journey to Hadoop today.

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