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Cloudera is eight; Apache Hadoop is ten. Big data has gone from zero to how-did-that-happen huge. The bestiary is bigger than ever, too: new projects like Apache Kudu, Apache Impala (incubating), Apache Kafka and Apache Spark define the future of big data and analytics, extending the core Hadoop platform to handle streaming, real-time and advanced analytics.

In recent years, the focus has shifted from the little yellow elephant to the amazing collection of real-world use cases that the platform enables. Machine learning underlies many of them, and supports innovative work in financial services, telecommunications, retail and other commercial deployments. It’s also being used in some exciting and socially meaningful ways in support of non-profits generally, and of specific programs in health care, protecting vulnerable kids and more.

Over our eight years in business, the commercial landscape has gotten a lot less lonely. Cloudera was the first vendor to enter the market focused on big data and delivering a Hadoop-based platform in 2008; a current logo slide of vendors is a total eye chart (with a nod to Matt Turck and his insightful analysis here).

It’s been a heck of a ride.

With all of that in mind, and with an eye to the community ethic that’s made all this happen, Cloudera is hosting an AMA next week. Beginning at 10am Pacific time on August 30th, I’ll be taking questions from all comers on any topic of interest. I very much hope you’ll sign on and join; these sessions are always best if there’s a big pool of questioners with diverse interests!

Update: We’ve opened the forum topic so folks can post questions now, and the community can vote on them with kudos. I’ll try to hit them in popularity order on Tuesday morning, but we’ll keep the topic open through the AMA event for new questions as well.

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