Big Data Mythbusters: Cloudera, Hadoop, Open Source, EDWs and more

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in Boulder, Colorado with few of my colleagues. Primarily we were there to present to the Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT to you and me) which is run by Claudia and David Imhoff. They have done a great job bringing in an impressive list of companies to present to their community of members which includes an impressive list of consultants and analysts. If you’re interested, the videos of all vendor presentations are here (registration required – ours will presumably be posted shortly).

In any new market like Big Data / Hadoop, part of our job in marketing is to educate and explain – to try to help different audiences understand a complex technology so that they can make informed decisions about which vendors to evaluate to try to solve business problems.

At Cloudera, our focus since day one has been on helping our customers solve problems, and to realize value from all of their data by providing the best products, services, support, training and by building the largest ecosystem in the industry. Of course this is a rapidly evolving and fast growing market and there are many other players in the space. Sometimes in the rush to grab market share, competitors lose sight of reality and put a little too much emphasis on spin and rhetoric, even to the point of being misleading.

So to try to set the record straight, we at Cloudera are kicking off a series of blog posts over the next couple of weeks to directly address a few of the most common misconceptions about our company, our approach to open source software, our products and our partners.

Here are a some of the myths we’re going to be addressing…

  • Cloudera’s strategy is to replace (or even kill) the enterprise data warehouse (EDW). (False)

  • Cloudera is focused on building proprietary software instead of working within the Apache open source community. (False)

  • Cloudera is not a leader in building Apache Hadoop. (False)

  • Impala is proprietary software and inferior to Apache Hive. (False and False)

  • Cloudera doesn’t support YARN. (False)

  • All the investment capital in our latest round ($900 million) went to existing shareholders and rather than into our business. (False)

  • Cloudera is not a partner-friendly company. (False)

You may have heard some of these yourself, perhaps not. They came up at BBBT and we have heard or read them repeatedly in the press / analyst community, and sometimes even from our customers. Yet all of them are completely false. Over the coming weeks we’ll explore each one, where it came from and explain the reality.

I hope you find it useful.

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