Busting the Myths Around Big Data in Telecoms

We know that Big Data, analytics and, yes, even Apache Hadoop, have become meaningless buzzwords and jargon for many people. Where there’s jargon, there is misinformation and where there is misinformation there are myths.

Our new eBook goes into the detail but we thought we’d spend a few minutes busting these myths in a blog to get to the truth on big data in telco and show how a modern approach to data management and analytics can help businesses. So if you’ve had something that’s holding you back from making the most of your data, keep reading and see if we can’t change your mind.

“My data is too diverse to analyse”
Telco operators’ data can be housed in hundreds of different systems and platforms across their organisations, on-premise or in the cloud, which can make it appear unwieldy and impossible to penetrate. But this simply isn’t the case. Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and the latest open source technologies can help businesses organise and understand large volumes of data regardless of its size, format or source.

“Open source means open security”
For many people, the terms ‘open source’ or ‘in the cloud’ can ring alarm bells about security. So you could be forgiven for thinking that an open source data platform could leave you exposed.

But data security has always been and will always be at the top of our agenda. Our reputation relies on our record of looking after the data of top telco companies, banks and governments. So security really shouldn’t be a concern.

“Hadoop doesn’t provide adequate returns on investment”
It’s been suggested that Hadoop is ‘overkill’ and that it provides poor value for money for businesses who invest. This is the biggest myth we’ll bust today. It’s proven to help companies deliver real return on investment and drive digital transformation across industries. And when you consider that telco operators are losing 2.8%, or US $40 billion, of their annual revenue to data leakage and fraud, can they afford not to act?

“Hadoop is too difficult for my team to learn”
There’s a misconception that Hadoop requires the most highly skilled data scientists to deliver results. Whilst it’s true that the inner workings of Hadoop are complex, we’re committed to making using it as simple and accessible as possible. We believe you should be able train existing teams through our tutorials and support, rather than recruiting skills from elsewhere. Get started by taking a look at our Hadoop 101 video.

“Legacy systems are too ingrained and complex to work with yet another data solution”
Hadoop could appear to be an extra layer of complexity and an unnecessary addition to whatever legacy systems you have in place. But our Apache Hadoop solution is designed to integrate with any existing systems. Because you shouldn’t need to throw anything out, but instead consolidate and improve what capacity and capabilities you already have.

We hope that’s cleared a few things up and helped you get to the facts about big data and Hadoop. We work with some of the largest telco companies in the world including SFR and BT, which was able to accelerate the speed at which it processes its data by 15x to take advantage of the Internet of Things.

If you’d like to learn more about how Cloudera can help you to make the most of your data, take a look at our new eBook.

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