Cloudera Director for a Self-Service Hadoop Experience

Hadoop has become the data platform of choice for storing and processing massive volumes of data that get generated and ingested daily, with rapid adoption across a variety of industries. Cloudera’s enterprise data hub (EDH), powered by Hadoop, provides the flexibility and scalability of Hadoop combined with enterprise-grade capabilities necessary for critical workloads and an open, neutral platform for deployment agility and portability.

Agility, in particular, is a growing trend in IT as improved agility reduces time-to-value by delivering Software-as-a-Service to business users. That’s why enterprises are increasingly turning to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) stacks for their added agility, whether in the private or public cloud. As enterprises (and their data) move to cloud environments, so must the workloads that process their data.

As a result, we are moving towards a hybrid cloud world, where enterprises have data and processing both on-premise and in the public cloud. Hadoop and EDH clusters will still be deployed on traditional hardware for massive and continuous processing, but we will also see more deployments on IaaS stacks – leveraging its elasticity for non-continuous processing, experimental use, iterative development, and exploratory analytics. However, in this hybrid world, enterprises will continue to expect the same enterprise-grade capabilities and portability available with on-premise deployments, as well as a true hybrid, cloud-centric experience for cluster and data management that provides unprecedented visibility, control, and efficiency.

At Cloudera, we’re committed to providing the full fidelity experience our customers need when moving to the hybrid cloud. Customers will continue to get the best-of-breed technologies integrated into a unified platform, world-class support, seamless integration with the largest partner ecosystem, and enterprise capabilities such as compliance-ready security and governance and end-to-end system administration – all while maintaining portability. To ensure customers can continue to take advantage of these benefits while meeting hybrid cloud-specific needs, we are introducing Cloudera Director.

Cloudera Director

Cloudera Director delivers an enterprise-class, elastic, self-service experience for Hadoop in cloud environments. Customers can run Cloudera Director as a service in their cloud environment of choice. It provides a single pane of glass administration experience for central IT to reduce costs and deliver agility, and for end-users to self-service provision and elastically scale clusters, all while ensuring auditability. Advanced users can extract maximum efficiency in the cloud by programmatically interacting with Cloudera Director via the REST API or through the command-line interface. Furthermore, both administrators and end-users benefit from a consistent, high quality experience across multiple clouds, should the organization decide to leverage more than one cloud environment for their data processing needs.

In its initial launch, Cloudera Director supports Amazon Web Services, with other cloud environments planned for future releases. Cloudera Director comes integrated with AWS Quickstart for customers to walk through a self-service workflow to deploy an EDH cluster in their AWS account and then continue to use Cloudera Director for further self-service experience. We will continue to deepen integrations with other AWS services over time. Additionally, we have a growing ecosystem of cloud provider partners via the Cloudera Connect:Cloud program and plan to enable similar unique self-service experiences on other cloud providers over time to further provide choice in the cloud.

Cloudera Director is available as a free download for use with CDH and fully supported with Cloudera Enterprise.

To learn more about Cloudera Director, register for the webinar, “Cloudera Director: Unlock the Full Potential of Hadoop in the Cloud,” on October 28th at 10am PT.

As always, we will continue to listen very closely to our customers and will continue to enable more high quality experiences in hybrid cloud environments.

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