Cloudera Navigator + Partners = Comprehensive Big Data Governance Today

Back in March, Cloudera’s director of product management for data management and governance solutions, Mark Donsky, wrote a two-part blog (part 1 and part 2) explaining the importance of data governance and the complexity of implementing it in Hadoop. He emphasized that data governance is an organization-wide effort that extends well beyond Hadoop or any other data management platform. Any governance done in a silo is simply insufficient.

For that exact reason, today many of our leading technology partners have joined the Cloudera Accelerator Program for Cloudera Navigator, and have committed to collaborate with Cloudera to ensure seamless interoperability of audit, lineage, and metadata activities across all data. These leaders of data management, now members of the Cloudera Accelerator Program, are working with Cloudera to bring end-to-end visibility across the breadth of the entire business, in addition to visibility into the depth of Hadoop data. With a goal of complete and open interoperability across all facets of data management, this group is developing further innovations between Cloudera Navigator and other popular tools for full, community-driven data management and governance — allowing you to take full advantage of big data as it flows and changes, automatically and while effortlessly meeting regulatory requirements.

Why the Cloudera Accelerator Program?

The Cloudera Accelerator Program, launched in Fall 2014, ensures that customers always have access to the leading, production-ready applications built on the most powerful, popular tools in Hadoop. To date, the Cloudera Accelerator Program includes 40+ partners that are already building out applications on Impala and Apache Spark, bringing to market technology advances that benefit customers across a vast number of industries. Now that Cloudera Navigator is  part of the Cloudera Accelerator Program, partners work directly with Cloudera to integrate and certify their work with Cloudera Navigator and Cloudera Enterprise.

Why Cloudera Navigator?

As the industry’s first and only fully-integrated data management and governance solution for Hadoop, Cloudera Navigator makes it easy to automatically discover, manage, protect, and govern even the largest and most sophisticated Hadoop deployments throughout the entire lifecycle. In addition to its rich ecosystem of partners, over 200 customers across numerous industries — including Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Marks and Spencer, PRGX, Symphony Health, and Western Union — rely on Cloudera Navigator to manage and govern their data for unmatched visibility and to effortlessly meet the most stringent governance and compliance standards.

As part of his blogs, Mark also talked about the trifecta of data governance: audit, lineage, and unified metadata. Lacking any of those three key components will render a data governance technology incomplete. Cloudera Navigator covers those three critical functionalities and more:

  • Unified auditing: Cloudera Navigator captures every data access attempt and logs it in a central location. Whether it’s through Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Cloudera Search, Impala, or just plain MapReduce, Cloudera Navigator tracks the user ID, IP address, resource name, and even the exact query that was run.

  • Comprehensive, column-level lineage: Cloudera Navigator automatically captures lineage for all batch and interactive workloads, including Hive, Impala, MapReduce, Apache Oozie, Apache Pig, Apache Spark and Apache Sqoop transformations – all the way down to the column-level. It also integrates with all the top enterprise lineage frameworks.

  • Unified metadata: Cloudera Navigator simplifies metadata access in Hadoop by consolidating all of the Hadoop technical metadata into a single, searchable interface. Additionally, Cloudera Navigator lets you classify all your data with custom tags and key-value pairs — so you can classify your data by clinical trial, customer type, degree of sensitivity, security clearance level, or anything else. Cloudera Navigator’s metadata features make it easy for data scientists and Hadoop administrators alike to effortlessly find and trust the data that matters most to them.

  • Data lifecycle management and policy enforcement: Cloudera Navigator’s flexible policy management, built on top of its rich metadata foundation, lets you automate crucial data stewardship and curation activities, such as metadata classification, data archiving and retention, or even invoking partner products for additional data preparation and transformation.

  • Encryption and key management: Cloudera Navigator includes enterprise-grade encryption and key management through Navigator Encrypt and Navigator Key Trustee to secure all data, metadata, and log files.

  • Seamless integration with existing governance solutions: Cloudera Navigator provides seamless integration with the leading enterprise metadata, lineage, and SIEM applications that organizations already rely on.

What’s next?

As always, Strata + Hadoop World in New York, taking place in the last week of September, will be the best place to learn what is shiny and new for big data. Make sure you get your ticket so you don’t miss the latest and the greatest!

If you can’t wait and want to know what is coming in Cloudera Navigator, Mark will whet your appetite in his blog on Cloudera Navigator roadmap.

Members of Cloudera Accelerator Program for Cloudera Navigator

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