Cloudera’s Cluster Validation Project – Proactively Diagnosing Issues within your Cluster

The Cloudera Support division, known for world class reactive support and recently solving its 30,000th case, also provides a Proactive Support team that actively monitors enterprise customers’ ‘support health.’ As a part of this monitoring, the Proactive team, alongside the internal Cloudera Operations Tools Team has developed the Cluster validation Project The goal and objective is to proactively alert customers to specific known issues. These include configuration problems, version mismatches, and deviations from best practices, all based on the Cloudera Manager Diagnostic Bundles submitted by customers.

The Cluster Validation Project, released in June of 2014, scans all Cloudera Diagnostic Bundles received, whether via automatic uploads, support cases or manual submission, to check for a number of issues within the cluster.  As alerts are received, they are designated with the appropriate severity level, such as critical, error, or warn. When issues are critical to the health of a cluster, the Proactive Support team will promptly reach out to the appropriate individuals, with information about the issue and the steps required to resolve it.

Non-critical issues are not lost, rather they are provided to customers on a quarterly basis through the Proactive Support teams’ Support Activity Reports. This allows our customers to ensure no long-term issues are experienced and that their clusters are in the best possible condition.

There are a number of validations in place today. These include checks for several different NameNode misconfigurations, incorrect HBase secure bulk load configurations, and version incompatibilities; to name a few. Cloudera systematically reviews closed support cases, and whenever an issue appears more than once, we try to validate for it. Cloudera’s large scale and unparalleled breadth of expertise means we are well-placed to keep growing the number and diversity of issues we look for in validation. The Cloudera team will continually add to the current set of validations that are diagnosed.

Enterprise customers with questions, comments, or feedback on specific alerts are more than welcome to reach out to the Proactive Support team, Account Team, or simply raise a support case with the Reactive Support team.


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