Deriving Value from IoT – Four Customer Use Cases

A Data Management Platform for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled use cases and applications are poised to revolutionize businesses by helping them drive efficiencies, and launch new products and services. Organizations are starting to leverage IoT in order to drive some of the key business objectives, including monitoring and improving product performance, driving operational efficiencies, improving customer experience, and enabling new revenue and usage-based business models.

Given the characteristics of IoT data streams, leading organizations around the globe are increasingly adopting Cloudera Enterprise, powered by Apache Hadoop, as the data management and analytics platform for storing, managing, processing and, more importantly, driving analytics from all of their IoT data.

A number of leading organizations across diverse industry verticals including — automotive, manufacturing, utilities, industrial automation, insurance, healthcare, telecom, and technology—have already adopted Cloudera Enterprise as their data management platform, in order to power some of the most compelling IoT use cases in the industry today.

Here is a summary of four compelling IoT use cases that our customers are driving today using Cloudera. Take a look.


Using IoT to Lower Downtime for Connected Vehicles

Use Case: Connected Vehicles/Predictive Maintenance

TruckOne of the leading auto & truck manufacturers in North America is using Cloudera as the data management platform to monitor the health of 180,000+ trucks, in real-time, in order to improve uptime and optimize fleet maintenance. The manufacturer has built a real-time remote diagnostics platform, powered by Cloudera Enterprise, that enables fleet owners to easily monitor the performance of their fleet in real time from their smartphones or tablets. They are now able to proactively detect issues, reduce unplanned repairs and downtime, and lower maintenance costs by an average of 30 to 40 percent.


Delivering Usage-based Insurance and Telematics

Use Case: Automotive Telematics/Usage-based Insurance

speed-car-racing (1)One of the leading  auto insurance companies in Europe is using Cloudera  to gather, store, process, and analyze data in real-time from telematics and black box devices installed in their clients’ vehicles. The company uses this information to adjust rates and deductibles based on each individual’s driving patterns, mitigating risk while increasing both profit and market share. The insurer can now make more consistent and accurate predictions based on drivers’ real-world habits and driving conditions, and personalize rates and plans accordingly. The new insight has significantly helped minimize fraudulent claims and reduce the overall number of all claims by 30 percent.


Driving Predictive Maintenance in an Industrial Setting  

Use Case: Industrial IoT/Predictive Maintenance

Leading industrial automation company in North America is using Cloudera in an IoT setting to collect and analyze petabytes of sensor data from thousands of diverse manufacturing systems in real-time to do predictive maintenance and eliminate machine downtime. By processing and analyzing time-series sensor data from production systems, the company can now effectively detect signs of mechanical wear and equipment issues well before they are visible to factory staff, so that they can take action before a failure occurs.


Revolutionizing Healthcare and Parkinson’s Research  

Use Case: Healthcare IoT and Wearables

The Michael J Fox Foundation (MJFF), in partnership with Intel, is using Cloudera to collect and analyze more than 300 readings per second streamed from wearables used by Parkinson’s patients, in an effort to accelerate finding a cure for the disease. Using wearables technology, MJFF can now easily gather and bring together patient data (including slowness of movement, tremor intensity, sleep quality, and more) in real-time to assemble a better picture of the clinical progression of Parkinson’s and track its relationship to molecular changes. With this new platform, researchers could go from looking at a very small number of data points to collecting hundreds of readings per second from thousands of patients and attaining a critical mass of data to detect patterns and make new discoveries.



To learn more about these IoT use cases and delve into the details, please download our latest white paper on IoT titled: Powering the Internet of Things with Apache Hadoop: Four Customer Use Cases

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