Evolving to Modern Data Centers with Cloudera Enterprise and Denodo Data Virtualization

Hadoop and big data technologies, in general, have changed the rules for not only data management but also data integration. Business critical insights derived from advanced analytics by combining data sourced across Apache Hadoop, cloud, and back-office systems and delivered in real-time to business users enable organizations to deliver superior products and services, and provide them with the agility to function more efficiently. However integrating the volume of big data along with the rest of the enterprise data that resides in various silos across the organization and delivering the combined data on-demand to business users is a challenge. An analytics-ready Hadoop platform and a data virtualization platform together provide organizations the power to access, integrate, and deliver business-critical data.

Cloudera Enterprise provides organizations with an enterprise-grade Hadoop. Denodo Platform for data virtualization provides a unified abstraction layer that combines the data from Hadoop with other enterprise data sources. Business applications consume the combined data from this layer using traditional SQL queries, RESTful APIs, or message queues. These data consumers do not need to know which exact source systems hold the data they need, or what access modes and data formats are needed to interact with those systems. The intrinsic details are managed by the Denodo Platform so that the data consumer can focus on fulfilling their business requirements.

Different consuming applications can access the data from the virtual layer through different interfaces such as SQL, JDBC, ODBC, RESTful or SOAP web services, or portal. After the processing is done in the source nodes, the results are received by the data virtualization layer and combined into the final result set for which the original query was requested. The Denodo Platform will only query the data sources that are needed for a specific query; if the client application issues a request for some processing that only needs cold data, the Denodo Platform will delegate that processing to Hadoop.

Data virtualization brings benefits such as:

  • Single, unified data access whereby access to the data is done through a single, unified interface, regardless of where the data is physically located or the methods used to access and process it.
  • Lightning fast performance whereby the state-of-the-art technology optimized in the Denodo Platform is tuned for each individual data source in the mix and offers lightning fast performance in all scenarios.

The Denodo Platform is certified to work seamlessly with Cloudera Enterprise. The integration offers advantages such as:

  • Unified security across all data sources, from a centralized location, based on the canonical model as opposed to the data models in the sources. This includes seamless integration with secured Cloudera clusters using Kerberos and Apache Sentry – Denodo and Cloudera’s products are certified for operation at the highest level of security when paired together.
  • Real time and after-the-fact monitoring of all data sources

Cloudera Enterprise and the Denodo Platform for data virtualization are a perfect combination for the modern data center. Together, these technologies allows companies to implement flexible and scalable solutions within your data processing infrastructure, where Cloudera provides the data management and analytics capabilities and Denodo provides a data virtualization layer. This layer means that Cloudera can be combined with any other technology present in the ecosystem.

To learn more about the Denodo and Cloudera hybrid data warehouse, download the Cookbook Data Warehouse Off-loading with Denodo and Cloudera.


Ravi Shankar is the Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo. He is responsible for Denodo’s global marketing efforts, including product marketing, demand generation, communications, and partner marketing. Ravi brings to his role more than 25 years of proven marketing leadership from enterprise software leaders such as Oracle and Informatica. Ravi holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

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