Platfora and Cloudera: Where Hadoop Meets Big Data Discovery

This blog post was penned by Peter Schlampp, VP Product at Platfora.

Complementary Solutions, Common Customers

As a leader in the big data space, Cloudera strikes a balance through its extensive partnerships and commitment to open source as well as its thought leadership in driving some of the most important emerging big data standards. In fact, that balance is built into Cloudera’s development methodology: a Compatibility Layer ensures standardized Apache Hadoop for users while an Innovation Layer provides the flexibility to place curated “architectural bets” on up-and-coming technologies.

Platfora takes a very similar approach, which is one of the reasons why Platfora and Cloudera have enjoyed such a successful partnership. For those just learning about us, Platfora is a Big Data Discovery platform native to Hadoop, providing a fusion of the analytic methods of data discovery with behavioral analysis, like understanding customer behavior across multiple marketing channels. To enable such a capability in big data environments, Platfora is optimized to provide iterative analysis of data at scale, guided by machine learning and advanced analytics.

Platfora and Cloudera share joint customers in banking, retail, technology and other sectors, including some of the world’s largest users of Hadoop.


The Platfora and Cloudera partnership is strengthening in several key ways. Platfora 5.0 includes enhanced integrations with Cloudera including the following capabilities:

Integration with Sentry – Security is a critical consideration in defining standards for big data implementations. Research shows that organizations are rapidly developing best practices to ensure that their big data environments comply with government and internal security standards and that they are looking for greater support for data-driven security measures from both security systems and at the platform level. Platfora is extending its delegated authorization capabilities to now support Apache Sentry.

Built by Cloudera, Sentry enables enterprises to apply security to data residing in Hadoop and can be used by many applications accessing the data. Customers can apply security once in Hadoop and manage it centrally through Sentry. All security settings will automatically apply within Platfora. Platfora has plans to support other ecosystem security standards in the near future.

Native Impala Support – More and more customers are adopting SQL-on-Hadoop technologies like Impala to replace or augment their traditional data warehousing use cases on this modern data management platform.  Platfora users can now leverage that capability, performing Big Data Discovery directly with data in Cloudera Impala. Metadata stored in the metastore is automatically read by Platfora eliminating redundancy and enabling an efficient workflow.

Parquet File Ingest – Demonstrating how standards beget new standards, Parquet is a column-oriented binary file format that supports the kinds of queries that Impala is best at. Parquet’s highly efficient open-source columnar file format provides the most common backing file format for Apache Impala. Platfora users can now access data in files in Parquet format, extending their ability to perform data discovery within the full Cloudera environment.

Working Together

With version 5.0, Platfora continues to demonstrate our commitment to openness as well as our thought leadership in support of emerging standards, all while strengthening our partnership with Cloudera. With this release, Platfora demonstrates greater openness with features such as SQL Data Transforms and export to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. At the same time, we expand our integration with Spark to offer next-gen data preparation and other key features. Moreover, this release demonstrates a special focus on serving the needs of our joint customers with Cloudera – making their experience more seamless, secure, and valuable.

Jointly supporting emerging standards such as Sentry and Parquet demonstrate the momentum of the Platfora and Cloudera partnership. Succeeding in the big data space does require a delicate balance, one that Platfora and Cloudera each achieve very well on their own – and even better together.


Peter Schlampp is the Vice President of Product at Platfora. An early member of the Platfora team, Peter leads the charge to put big data in users’ hands in a beautiful and easy way.

Peter Schlampp remembers playing with the keys of a TRS-80 when he was seven years old — and since then, he’s been destined to build category-defining products that make businesses faster, safer, smarter, and more profitable. Before coming to Platfora, Peter was vice president of marketing and product management at Solera, where he built the first DVR for network traffic. At IronPort, where Peter was senior director of product management, he defined the world’s first email security appliance, making the world safe from spam and viruses. He then became director and general manager of the Cisco/IronPort Development Center in Bangalore, India. Peter has a B.S. in Biology from Boston College.

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