Simplifying the Cloud with Cloudera Director 1.1

With more and more data being stored in the cloud, it’s no wonder that we are seeing Hadoop follow suit. However, too often for users, they are forced to make tradeoffs when deploying Hadoop in the cloud, particularly around the flexibility and choice provided with Hadoop. With Cloudera’s platform, we are redefining Hadoop in the cloud and bringing back choice. Not only did we launch Cloudera Director in October of last year, but we also expanded key partnerships with popular cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure. These advancements not only provide a reliable, repeatable experience, regardless of cloud preference, but they also bring broader deployment flexibility, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid approach.

Cloudera Director is the first portable, self-service solution for deploying and managing enterprise Hadoop in the cloud. It provides a single pane of glass administration experience for central IT to reduce costs and deliver agility, and for end-users to self-service provision and elastically scale clusters, all while ensuring auditability. Integrated with Cloudera’s enterprise data hub, users not only get all the features necessary for cloud deployments, but also continue to get all of the enterprise-grade features available with Cloudera’s platform – including the security, governance, and administration necessary for production-ready deployments. Cloudera Director also includes usage reporting for chargeback models and is currently supported for AWS deployments.

We are dedicated to continually improving the deployment experience for Hadoop, from the cloud to on-prem. With today’s release of Cloudera Director 1.1, we continue to drive this vision, with new features and updates including:

  • Integration with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for end-to-end cluster setup
  • Native client bindings for the Cloudera Director API in Java and Python
  • Performance improvements for cluster deployments
  • Updates to the UI and general usability

More details on what’s included in Cloudera Director 1.1 can be found in the blog, “What’s New in Cloudera Director 1.1.”

Cloudera Director

To expand the choice customers have for cloud deployments, we also have a close partner relationship with Microsoft, with a focus on the Azure platform. As part of this, with the release of Cloudera 5.3, you can now deploy Cloudera’s platform directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, as well as integrate with SQL Server, Power BI, and Azure Machine Learning.

Cloudera Director 1.1 is available as a free download for use with CDH and is fully supported with Cloudera Enterprise. We also have a Cloudera AWS Quick Start available to quickly launch Cloudera’s enterprise data hub on AWS and Cloudera Enterprise is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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