Strata+Hadoop World New York 2015

Well, that was a great conference!

The 2015 edition of Strata+Hadoop World NY is behind us with record attendance (6,300 registrants!), tons of great sessions, a really interesting array of keynotes and a ton of buzz all around. With Strata+Hadoop World coming up in Singapore (Dec 1-3), I think that in 2015 over 12,000 people will have attended one of the four events – it’s by far the largest Hadoop / big data conference series in the world, and we think it’s the best one.

Thank you to all the program co-chairs, committee members, keynote and session speakers, sponsors, staff and to the teams at O’Reilly and Cloudera for putting on what I thought was a fantastic show.

By the way, I hope everyone also enjoyed the new subway stop we had installed just in time for the show! That completely transformed my impression of Javits after many years of trekking out to the formerly desolate west coast of Manhattan and being unable to get a cab back to the hotel…

Two Important New Open Source Projects

The big news for Cloudera of course was the launch (into beta) of two very important open source projects, Kudu and RecordService. As we have always said, Hadoop is far more than just the original core projects, and it will continue to evolve (quickly) as the needs of our customers and the capabilities of the developer community expand.

You can read Todd Lipcon’s blog post about Kudu here, but basically it’s a third storage system for the Hadoop ecosystem, and judging by the “fire-marshall-worthy” crowds at Todd’s talk, and the bursting at the seams crowd watching Ted Malaska in our booth, I’d say there’s a fair bit of interest in Kudu — It expands the available territory and market for Hadoop considerably, and as it matures we’ll be very interested to see the community build and customers try it out.

If you missed his talk (or just couldn’t fight your way into the room), here’s a demo video made by our friends at ZoomData, or you can watch Todd’s actual talk on the StrataConf web site. And Curt Monash wrote a lengthy (three-part) blog post that explains Kudu, with considerable input from Todd.

No less important is RecordService, an open source project that provides a unified data access path, a new layer that sits between storage managers and compute frameworks to simplify security across the platform. You can read the blog post by Lenni Kuff and Nong Li here, or the post by Sam Heywood here. Like Kudu, the response has been tremendous, and I think most people see both projects as really exciting and important advances in the community.

Data Impact Awards – Over 80 Nominees

We also announced the winners of the Third Annual Data Impact Awards – this year we had over 80 nominees in nine categories. This is a really important way we can recognize the work and results of our customers. The night’s standing ovation came for Thorn who won in the social impact category, in partnership with Digital Reasoning – together they have figured out how to track down sex traffickers who exploit children by analyzing ads posted on the web likely written by children forced to write them – incredible work, and we congratulate them.

And wait, there’s more!

New developments with partners were also announced, like: our solution with Deloitte for comprehensive capital analysis and review; our PCI and HIPAA certification with CSC; our announcement a couple of weeks ago of our One Platform initiative to accelerate the adoption of Apache Spark across the platform, and a host of others. See our press release page for a complete list of announcements we made in the last few weeks.

Earlier in the week we hosted several other events for our partners (over 1,900 at this point), our executive advisory board, and hosted a memorable party at Tau Downtown, part of the Highline Hop pub crawl. All in all it was a packed week!

When we deepened and expanded our relationship with O’Reilly a year ago and decided to make Strata+Hadoop World a global series of events, we both agreed that we needed to keep the quality of the content high – no one wants the events to be completely vendor-driven and have to sit through a series of commercials. We and O’Reilly make every effort to fill the conference with the best speakers discussing most technically interesting and business-relevant topics.

I hope to see everyone again at Strata+Hadoop World NY in 2016, if not at one of the other cities before then.

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