Teradata and Cloudera: The Right Partnership at the Right Time

This blog was penned by Scott Gnau, the president of Teradata Labs.

I’ve long argued that the world of analytics is in the midst of an unstoppable evolution toward more of a best-of-breed approach to data analytics.  That view is supported more and more by analyst reports, use cases and customer demands that all point to a new ecosystem of diverse technologies customized for business needs. And, that’s why we have invested in technologies like Teradata QueryGrid that orchestrates the use of multiple analytic engines and file systems, enabling bi-directional data movement and pushdown processing on data where it resides. In this ecosystem, vendors should be flexible to those business needs, and customers can and should call the shots.

In fact, I credit customer demand for helping launch an expanded partnership that I’m proud to announce today with Cloudera, the company that offered the first commercial Hadoop distribution. Given Teradata’s own role as a global leader in data warehousing and analytics, we and Cloudera share many of the same customers; and these customers have been demanding closer collaboration between our two companies.

We listened! And the result is this newly robust Teradata-Cloudera partnership to provide seamless integration between our Integrated Data Warehouse (IDW) and the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub. This hybrid approach will allow landing and refinement and exploratory analytics of big data to be done in a Hadoop Enterprise Data Hub and the operational analytics to be executed on the IDW. It all happens within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture enabled by QueryGrid as the ideal platform for this integration.

You can learn a lot more in our partnership announcement and a joint video interview I did with Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly. “This partnership is to bring clarity and to help understand which are the best tools for which problems,” Tom said at one point in our video discussion. “If the vendors and technology providers can bring alignment and clarity, that will help consumers of this technology get the benefits from the right tools at the right time.”  I couldn’t agree more, and I would venture to say that our two companies have now created the right partnership at the right time.

With this extended relationship comes deeper software integration between Teradata and Cloudera, with Teradata QueryGrid playing a central role in optimizing, simplifying and orchestrating processing in Hadoop and across other workload specific platforms in the UDA.  In addition, Teradata will sell Cloudera education and training services and license Cloudera Enterprise solutions — including Cloudera Basic, Cloudera Flex and Cloudera Data Hub editions — with value add capabilities for optimal use in the Teradata UDA. Cloudera now also becomes part of Teradata’s one-stop accountability model, so customers can reduce costs and speed production time by relying on us to support the full analytic ecosystem.

For all the benefits this partnership brings to our customers, I have to also say on a personal note that I and my colleagues at Teradata are glad to be adding Coudera options to our UDA. I’m thrilled to be working with Tom Reilly and the entire Cloudera team as we solve the integration problems that come with a choice-driven ecosystem.

This close collaboration between two market leaders is helping realize the vision of what Gartner calls the Logical Data Warehouse, and what we obviously call the Unified Data Architecture, a viable reality for data-driven enterprises who have learned to demand choice – and clarity – in their analytics architectures.  I liken it to the switch from standard definition TV to HDTV: by adding our two companies’ capabilities together, you can really get a much clearer view of what’s happening in your business.


Scott Gnau is president of Teradata Labs, Teradata’s innovation engine. He provides visionary direction for all research, development and sales support activities related to Teradata integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and associated solutions.

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