We’re Back from Strata+Hadoop World, New York!

Well, team Cloudera is back at home base after a wildly successful Strata+Hadoop World in New York CIty, so I thought a brief wrap up would be in order. We sent a pretty sizeable fraction of our company to the event, and from all the feedback I’ve received so far, people had a great time and got a ton out of the event.

Not only is Strata+Hadoop World the premier event in the Apache Hadoop community, it’s also a great opportunity for our partners, users and customers to talk with each other and with other members of this amazing open source movement. This year was the third year that Cloudera and O’Reilly have co-presented the event, and I’d say that in every way it was better than any prior event. In fact, before the show kicked off we announced that we and O’Reilly have deepened our partnership: from now on all Strata events will now become  Strata+Hadoop World, starting with Barcelona next month, San Jose in February and London in May. We are really excited to extend the momentum to Europe and bring the same excitement to that part of the world.

The New York event was sold out, over 5,000 attendees saw a packed exhibit hall, tons of great talks, great keynotes, and even a pub crawl. Speaking for myself, as both a New York Times and New Yorker addict, I particularly enjoyed the keynotes on day one, including the talk by Miriah Meyer of the University of Utah. Amanda Cox’s talk (New York Times) was fantastic, both with her content and deadpan delivery. In addition to the main event there was a long list of meetups and user group meetings, ‘Birds of a Feather’ meetings, book signings, a health care roundtable, and more. It was a packed few days!

This year, as Mike Olson pointed out in his keynote, Hadoop is really moving from technology, something that is at the forefront of the developers’ conversations about big data, to one that may even be invisible to the people benefiting from its power to deliver pervasive analytics, massive storage and processing of data, interactive data exploration, in-memory and stream processing, machine learning and all the other amazing things that can be done with it. Of course Hadoop remains absolutely central and critical and won’t literally disappear, but it will become more and more like other essential pieces of technology that we all rely upon every day, but that we don’t think about as end users any more in the way we did when the technology first emerged into the public consciousness (TCP/IP comes to mind).

The other trend that came into focus more than ever was the long list of IT vendors who lead their respective categories and who are really investing in Hadoop in a serious way, – developing solutions where their existing products complement Hadoop. NEC, Teradata, EMC/Isilon, Microsoft, Red Hat and others announced alliances with Cloudera over the last two weeks.

In fact we made fourteen announcements over the last couple of weeks (for a complete list, click here) – it was a little overwhelming even for us! Everything from Impala 2.0, CDH 5.2, a Bossie Award, the Data Impact Award winners, our work with DataKind and the Data for Good movement, to our introduction of Cloudera Director to enable quick deployments of Cloudera into the public cloud.

All in all an exhausting week but we are proud to be part of the Hadoop movement, contributors to the open source community and co-presenters of Strata+Hadoop World. For those of you who came, thank you! For those of you who missed it, we’ll see you in Barcelona (or San Jose or London.) Visit our page here to decide which one(s) to attend!

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