Cybersecurity On Call: Cyber Threats with Byron Acohido

Do you feel like there’s a new cyber attack every week? Well, you are not alone. Cutting edge cyber attacks spread like wildfire on the dark web. As the attack technique spreads, attackers change the code to strengthen the attack and make sure it can penetrate their victims. From point and click ransomware like “Philadelphia” that you can purchase for $400, to the Marai malware that can turn IoT devices into botnet armies, to the infamous I LOVE YOU virus that caused an estimated $10 Billion USD in damages.

While billions in damages have been caused by the cyber attacks above, one attack in particular from 2016 caught my eye. A cyber attack that resulted in potentially one of the largest bank heists ever. Without a single ski mask or armed robber, the cybercriminals penetrated a Bangladesh bank and made away with $81 Million USD last year.

As the world continues to become hyper-connected, and everything becomes digital from currency to warfare, we can expect more of these attacks to cover our headlines. So, to get an inside look at cyber threats I caught up with a cybersecurity industry thought leader Byron Acohido to learn more.

Byron is the editor-in-chief at ThirdCertainty and one of the nation’s most respected investigative journalists. Among numerous national journalism awards, he earned the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting for his stories in the Seattle Times that uncovered a deadly rudder flaw in Boeing 737 jetliners. More recently, he has been widely recognized by top journalists for his body of work at USA Today chronicling the rise of cybercrime and the demise of personal privacy.

Listen to the full podcast below and hear about today’s cyber threats:


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