Cybersecurity On Call: Ransomware in Healthcare with David Houlding

Hackers collaborate every day, from asking questions via online message boards to trading open source attack techniques. It’s time the good guys collaborate just as effectively, especially in the healthcare space in order to avoid large-scale attacks.

Just look at the recent ransomware attack that swept the world and hit Britain’s National Healthcare Service hospitals. During this large scale attack, doctors couldn’t access patient information and emergency patients had to be diverted to unaffected hospitals. It was crazy. These types of healthcare attacks not only cost money, they also cost lives. With these large-scale attacks becoming even more frequent, it’s obvious that protecting ourselves from them in this new digital age is going to require a ton of innovation. To power innovation, cross community collaboration is absolutely necessary.  

Cybersecurity collaboration can mean different things to different people; from threat intelligence sharing, to community events, to benchmarking tools. Intel’s Healthcare security team is doing their part to help the industry better prioritize cybersecurity functionality by comparing organizations to one another with their Security Assessment tool. To discuss the Intel Security Readiness Program, and to drill into how healthcare organization are collaborating to combat threats, we sat down with Intel’s David Houlding. David is the Healthcare Privacy and Security Lead at Intel Health and Life Sciences, with more than 23 years of experience in healthcare, privacy and security, and enterprise software. At Intel his responsibilities include privacy and security leadership for the healthcare and life science industry globally.

Listen to the full podcast here and hear about today’s cyber threats:


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