Announcing: Cloudera Fast Forward

Machine learning is a remarkable technology. Among many other things, it can:

Three trends drive interest in machine learning today:

  • Massive increases in data create new needs for insight.
  • Reduced costs make complex computing practical.
  • Open source software speeds adoption of the most advanced techniques.

While machine learning can transform organizations, executives struggle to define an investment strategy. Machine learning is a complex and dynamic field. There are thousands of different techniques, and researchers introduce innovations at an astonishing cadence. Few organizations can afford to investigate all of them.

Mainstream IT consultants provide high-level guidance on machine learning, but technology leaders need more. It’s helpful to know that machine learning and deep learning are transformational technologies and that they may become mainstream in the next five years. But executives need detailed guidance about the particular machine learning techniques that are likely to be useful in the near term.

Today, Cloudera announces the immediate availability of Cloudera Fast Forward, a research service for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Available by subscription, the service delivers actionable insight about machine learning techniques likely to be useful in the next six to twenty-four months.

Led by noted data scientist Hilary Mason, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs delivers an evidence-based approach to machine learning. The Lab combines the best academic research with a pragmatic, hands-on approach. Each quarter, the Lab profiles a different near future technology, producing a report on its development and a prototype demonstrating its application.

The only way to understand a technology is to build with it. Cloudera Fast Forward shows the technology in action, giving you a tool to accelerate your product efforts. The service delivers a thorough understanding of the opportunities the technology offers, as well as its engineering constraints. Fast Forward shows you what’s possible right now, what will be possible in the next couple of years, and how to build it.

Cloudera Fast Forward reports include an overview of the state and trajectory of each technology in the academic, startup, and commercial spaces. Taken together, they present a vision of the algorithms of the near future and the products they will power.

Recent topics covered by the Labs include, among others:

  • Interpretability in machine learning
  • Probabilistic programming
  • Summarization techniques

Researchers consider several criteria when choosing topics to research. These include the current state of research, availability of data for a prototype, and the degree of commoditization for the technology.

Subscribers to Cloudera Fast Forward receive a weekly newsletter covering current developments in the field, plus access to available content through a client portal. Deliverables include white papers on timely topics and working prototypes of actual applications. The service also includes four hours of remote consulting to support questions about the research and prototypes.

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