Cybersecurity On Call: GDPR in the Big Data Era with Eddie Garcia

Staying ahead of compliance regulations is not a trivial task, especially since regulations are constantly changing. The compliance regulation ‘du jour’ if you will, is the European Union (EU)  General Data Protection Regulation, other wise known as GDPR. GDPR is hot on everyone’s mind as it becomes enforceable on May 25th of 2018. After that day, organizations will need to adhere to the data security regulation or face a steep fine. The fine could total 4% of a company’s overall revenue or $20 million euros, whichever one is the biggest.

What’s really interesting about this compliance regulation is that citizens will now have the power of data privacy put back in their hands. Instead of organizations hiding behind a privacy policy at the bottom of every form, organizations that do business in the EU or process EU citizen data now have to give their customer base the right to be forgotten. Meaning that if the customer asks the organizations to delete their information, the organizations has to legally abide. So to discuss how organizations can meet GDPR regulations while balancing data privacy in the big data era where we are collecting more and more data, we have invited Eddie Garcia to join us.

Eddie is Cloudera’s Chief Information Security Officer, where he helps Cloudera and Cloudera customers reduce security and compliance risks associated with sensitive data sets stored in big data environments. He was formerly the Vice President of InfoSec and Engineering for Gazzang prior to its acquisition by Cloudera. He was the chief architect of the Gazzang zNcrypt product and is the author of four issued and provisional patents for data security.

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