Data Delivered Customer Insights at Strata Data New York

When it comes to customer intelligence, data is delivering unprecedented value. Data allows us to move past pure assumption and become smarter about how we serve our customers across multiple points of their journey. The journey for each company is unique, as we have written about before, but the real testament is how our users are building their marketing platforms and solutions on top of Cloudera. This is where theory gets put into practice combining data and creating intelligence.

One of the best showcases of how data is being applied to business success is during the sessions of the five time yearly Strata Data Conference. Over the years, Strata Data has grown from just addressing the database market, to exploring the world of big data, to now encompassing all the things our users want to do with data; including machine learning and deep learning. There are lots of ways we mobilize as a community to help educate each other:  on the platform and ecosystem level, on the use case level, and on the level of practical application.

Specific to customer insights Strata Data has some intriguing conversations that every practitioner handling customer data should consider. Here is a list of breakout sessions to enhance your understanding of how big data is shaping customer insights.

Optimizing the data warehouse at Visa
Speaker: Nandu Jayakumar (Visa), Justin Erikson (Cloudera)
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 27 | 2:05pm – 2:45pm ET

Cloudera’s Justin Erikson joins Nandu Jayakumar from Visa to chat about how Visa has extended their data analysis capabilities by leveraging Apache Hadoop. By consolidating data marts and migrating workloads to Hadoop, Visa has drove better adoption of their data platforms. Nandu will cover the process and strategy implemented including the approach to bringing Hadoop into its business, the off-load strategy, and the lessons learned from the experience.

Using real-time machine learning and big data to drive customer engagement and digital transformation
Speaker: George Corugedo (RedPoint Global)
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 27 | 4:35pm – 5:15pm ET

George breaks down the requirements for data in the age of digital transformation from collecting data, to connecting the business, and finally deriving meaningful insight for better business outcomes. A key aspect of this is creating a “Golden Record” of the customer and then enriching it with data from machine learning, batch and streaming data, and IoT. Redpoint global is a Cloudera partner and delivers a comprehensive marketing platform solution leveraging big data.

Architecting a next-generation data platform

Speaker: Jonathan Seidman (Cloudera), Gwen Shapira (Confluent), Mark Grover (Lyft)
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 | 1:30pm–5:00pm ET

This group of big data experts will explain the role of big data technologies like Kudu, Kafka, Spark and Impala in modern data strategy. They will look at two use cases, customer 360 and IOT, and demonstrate applicable architectures for addressing them. After that, they will discuss the impacts of these modern components from ETL and data pipelines to machine learning.

Enterprise digital transformation using big data
Speaker: Atul Dalmia (American Express)
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 | 11:20am–12:00pm ET

The digital age poses new challenges and offers new rewards. At American Express, their 5 year journey to becoming data driven has been extremely successful in solving for customer needs in the digital age. This includes use cases like real-time decisioning on credit, marketing and servicing experiences, personalized marketing offers and recommendations based on a 360 view of the customer, improved cross-channel marketing, and lower fraud disruptions based on known travel patterns of the customer.

In addition to these great breakout sessions Cloudera is holding it’s own breakout in-theatre.  These presentations are open to all and we are joined by some of our solutions partners explaining customer intelligence from end to end. Come join us at booth #225 on Wednesday September 27th for the following in-theatre presentations:

The Big Picture: Customer 36
Wednesday 4:20pm-4:30pm ET
with Sean Anderson (Cloudera) + Russ Cosentino (Zoomdata)

Discover the Possibilities, Find the Realities: Acting on Your Customer Data
Wednesday 6:10pm-6:20pm ET
with Sean Anderson (Cloudera) + David Larson (Cognizant)

Making Self-Service BI a Reality with Intelligent Data Discovery
Thursday 3:55pm – 4:05pm ET
With Alex Gutow (Cloudera) and Romain Rigaux (Cloudera)

We hope that you have an exciting Strata Data Conference in New York next week. Stop by and chat with us to find out how we are solving customer insights for our users.

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