Cybersecurity On Call: Secure Your Business Data Impact Awards

The world loves to learn about the cutting edge of technology. Besides reading Techcrunch, following Kara Swisher, or stopping by your local tech gossip colleague everyday; a great way to learn about the cutting edge of tech is to take a look at the annual Data Impact Awards.

If you haven’t heard about the Data Impact Awards, they are an annual awards ceremony held during the Strata Data conference in New York. The awards showcase amazing machine learning, big data, and cloud related use cases across multiple award categories spanning societal and business challenges. Past winners have helped stop child trafficking with machine learning, instrument snow plows to more effectively salt snowy roads, and detect the onset of sepsis at its earliest stage in affected hospital patients. While these types of technology innovations sound like science fiction, they are real.

So to discuss the Cybersecurity and Secure Your Business category of the awards for 2017, we spoke with two of the judges, Bob Gourley and Raj Dalal.

Bob is a co-founder and partner of Cognitio and the publisher of and Bob was named one of the top 25 most influential CTOs in the globe by Infoworld and was named by Washingtonian as one of DC’s “Tech Titans.” Bob’s most recent book, The Cyber Threat, provides business executives with actionable insights into the threat landscape.

Raj is the founder of Big Insights, a research and consulting firm, and has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of IT across Asia Pacific. He recently worked at a big data security firm, TrustSphere as Head of Marketing and Alliance. Prior to that he worked as IDC’s vice president for Emerging Technology research and “Go-to-Market” advisory services across Asia.

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