Machine Learning, the DOCOMO Digital way: Two Core Use Cases

Pattern recognition. Anomaly detection. Event prediction. All of these capabilities are driven by machine learning (ML.) And recently, ML has been a hot topic among our clients. We’ve seen a steep uptick in companies highlighting their successes in ML.

Cloudera offers a unified platform for analytics and machine learning. Each customer that we work with has a unique story, executing numerous uses cases, sometimes spanning multiple divisions, to gain insights that were impossible to achieve with traditional platforms. Just as Cloudera’s platform can solve a diverse set of challenges, ML use cases address a diverse set of real business needs.

Two of the fundamental areas where our customers apply data to support their businesses are driving customer insights and reducing risk. There are distinct machine learning use cases in each area. DOCOMO Digital, an innovative payment solutions provider, is a great example of a company tackling multiple challenges with machine learning and the Cloudera platform.

Driving customer insights with machine learning

Building a full customer 360 requires aggregating data sets into a single view. Acting upon that information based on customer needs and behavior relies on machine learning to deliver intelligence.

DOCOMO Digital uses algorithms to determine the best advertising content that helps maximize consumer conversion rates. This helps deliver new revenue to their customers. So far, the company has achieved a 20% increase in its conversion rate, which is significant considering that DOCOMO customers begin to see benefits from a mere one percent increase.

Reducing risk with machine learning

While customer insights sharpen a company’s top line, Cloudera’s platform also helps companies to reduce risk in several different ways, from cybersecurity to anti-money laundering. In DOCOMO Digital’s case, they use machine learning to detect fraud. It does so by analyzing its traffic for suspicious behavior and has effectively detected about 95% of fraud attempts. This is a huge step in helping reduce fraud in mobile commerce given that DOCOMO Digital processes more than €3 billion in transactions annually.

Learn more about DOCOMO Digital’s success and watch the video. You can also read about Cloudera Data Science and Engineering here.

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