Cybersecurity on Call: Nation-State Cyber Operations with Patrick Tucker

As cyber attacks continue to increase across the world, it has become more critical for countries to implement cyber operations from a defensive and offensive perspective to protect national secrets and their citizens. An Arizona State University research paper showed just how global this problem is when they discovered that if hackers discussed a zero-day exploit on the dark web in Chinese the likelihood of a hacker exploiting the vulnerability was 9%. If it was in English the likelihood rose to 13%, and if it was in Russian the likelihood rose to 40%. This demonstrates just how global these adversaries are.

However, it’s not always easy for government front-line cyber operators to deploy tactics they need to protect national secrets and citizens from these attacks. This is a conversation happening right now in Congress. The U.S. Cyber Command is trying to cut through the red tape and offer their operators the flexibility they need to complete their missions.

To discuss nation-state cyber operations, we have invited Patrick Tucker to our podcast. Patrick is the technology editor for Defense One. He’s also the author of The Naked Future: What Happens in a World That Anticipates Your Every Move. Previously Tucker was deputy editor for The Futurist for nine years. Tucker has written about emerging technology in MIT Technology Review and BBC News Magazine along with many other publications.

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