Monthly Archive: March 2018

From EDW Optimization to Business Transformation

If I asked a question about the benefits in optimizing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with Apache Hadoop, from my own experience, 9 out of 10 responses had to do with either data archiving or the reservation of high-performance EDW processing…
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Altus SDX: Shared services for cloud-based analytics

The real power in machine learning and analytics is when multiple analytics disciplines are able to work together in concert, sharing data in service of solving more complex and more valuable questions. That’s what Cloudera SDX (Shared Data Experience) enables…
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Disrupt and Innovate in a Data-Driven World

If you do an internet search for ‘data-driven disruption’ you can find articles about almost every industry being disrupted by digitalisation and new applications of data. Banking, transportation, healthcare, retail, and real estate, all have seen the emergence of new…
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