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We are proud to announce the general availability of Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse, the only cloud data warehousing service that brings the warehouse to the data. Cloudera’s modern data warehouse runs wherever it makes the most sense for your business – on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or even multi-cloud.

Modern data warehousing for the cloud

Data is one of the most valuable assets for a company, however, many teams still struggle with the friction of bringing new data sets into their data warehouse and reacting quickly enough to the constantly changing reporting needs of their users. Businesses need to be agile and quick in using data to drive insights, lest they lose the opportunity they are trying to capitalize on. It’s no surprise that there is a strong correlation between successful businesses and those that exceed in extracting value from data.

Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse is designed with agile data teams in mind. It enables organizations to address their data warehousing reporting needs by making it quick and easy to consolidate data into a single repository yet still service your users’ needs in a scalable and cost-effective way. Because Cloudera Altus decouples storage and compute, and uses a shared data experience (SDX), it provides the ability to isolate different workloads from each other while operating over a single shared repository of data and data context. This makes it easy to meet the ever-changing needs of your data teams.

Security is top of mind with Cloudera Altus. Because Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse operates directly over data in your AWS or Microsoft Azure account, you can create security policies that comply with your company’s standards. This stands in stark contrast to other vendors that require data be copied or loaded into their proprietary account or service.

Using Cloudera Altus for your cloud data warehouse

Cloudera Altus offers several key integrated services for data warehousing needs:

  • Altus Data Engineering for building data pipelines and running ETL workflows
  • Altus Data Warehouse for SQL and business intelligence reporting and analytics
  • SDX for Altus for shared data context (data catalog)
  • Altus Director for deploying the full breadth of Cloudera Enterprise on any public cloud infrastructure (Amazon, Microsoft, or Google)

A typical data warehouse scenario might use Altus Data Engineering jobs to process raw files (eg: text delimited or JSON) stored in the cloud object store and output Apache Parquet format which is optimized for analytical query workloads back to the cloud object store. Altus Data Warehouse would then query these same files to service the SQL query needs of analytical users — so no data loading is required. Should a use case require stream processing, Altus Director can be used to deploy a persistent Apache Spark Streaming cluster which could also write to the cloud object store. And SDX for Altus stores all the data context in a shared catalog that can be used across every Altus Data Engineering, Altus Data Warehouse and Altus Director cluster eliminating data silos. Because Altus Data Warehouse uses open source formats and the data resides in your cloud storage rather than in a proprietary data store, there is no concern about vendor lock-in.

Altus Data Warehouse is not like other cloud data warehouses

Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse delivers a number of benefits that other cloud data warehouses simply can’t provide including:

  1. Zero-data copy: Altus operates directly over a customer’s data in the cloud object store, which means there is no requirement for data be copied/loaded onto another system or service.
  2. Cloudera’s Shared Data Experience (SDX): maintains the lineage (history) of transient workloads, and provides secure sharing of data and metadata across workloads, clusters, clouds, and even hybrid environments.
  3. Hybrid and Multi-cloud capabilities:  Cloudera uniquely addresses the hybrid cloud needs of enterprise customers that desire a single experience across on-prem and multi-cloud
  4. Multi-function analytics: Cloudera Altus goes beyond SQL to support data engineering and machine learning use cases in a unified platform.

Try Altus Data Warehouse today

We could not be more excited for you to try Altus Data Warehouse! Get started today and let us know your feedback.

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