Take Customer Experience Back to the Future with Data

Delivering a positive and memorable customer experience is the cornerstone of nearly every organization. Failure to do so negatively impacts a company’s bottom line and reputation. Each year, companies invest millions of dollars in programs and solutions that aim to improve the customer experience and provide valuable customer insights, but what if for the answer, they only had to look back to the future?

Not too long ago, when a customer entered their local bank branch, the manager and tellers would greet them by name, ask how their family was doing, how things were going for them at their workplace (calling out the company by name), and discuss other major life events (weddings, home purchase, retirement). In many ways, this made the process of applying for a loan or increasing a line of credit more straightforward because of the bank’s familiarity with the individual. It also conveyed a commitment by the bank, showing that they valued the customer’s business and were invested in their future.

Similarly, when a customer would visit their local department store, the salesperson knew the shopper’s size, style, and spending habits and provided suitable recommendations. They were also familiar with the shopper’s family and would make suggestions for gifts.

In both of these examples, understanding customers, learning from their behaviors, and delivering relevant interactions were central to a company’s ability to deliver a favorable customer experience. These are also what drives the success and value of the Cloudera for customer insights use cases.

Automated and do-it-yourself options continue to emerge as must-haves, but certain situations require attention from customer experience representatives, branch managers, or department executives. In both automated and face-to-face interactions, a brand’s ability to understand—and remember—the customer’s preferences and history is critical to:

  • quickly resolving issues
  • providing relevant offers/next-best actions
  • boosting the share of wallet (SOW)
  • preserving lifetime value (LTV)

Organizations grapple with how to increase loyalty, minimize churn, and/or proactively resolve issues. Fortunately, data can be used to improve each of these scenarios. When properly leveraged, data is a powerful tool that drives BI around customer insights, drives strategic growth, and takes the customer experience back to the future.

The key is leveraging data of all types, sizes, and velocities. By breaking down data silos, the most complete and comprehensive view of customers—at the individual level—is generated. This then provides actionable insights based on a variety of dimensions and data points. The more insights from data the better. It helps precisely predict user behaviors and deliver new solutions and/or resolve issues—in real-time. The Cloudera platform empowers organizations to do just that, transforming complex data into clear and actionable insights through its machine learning and advanced analytic capabilities.

Cloudera’s custom or pre-built offerings make it easy for organizations of all sizes to embark on the journey to cultivating customer insights from their data.

The recently-launched Customer 360 powered by Zero2Hero™ solution is a powerful, packaged solution that simplifies the path to customer insights and:

  • Combines the technologies and offerings of Cloudera, Qlik, Trifacta, and Bardess making it easy and fast to start
  • Can be deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud in minutes
  • Is scalable to meet the needs of the LOB and the organization

To learn more about the Customer 360 powered by Zero2Hero solution, how it simplifies the journey to customer insights, and takes the customer experience back to the future, visit the Cloudera Solutions Gallery or register to attend our upcoming webinar.


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