Why Support and Professional Services Collaboration is the key to success for Government Projects

While cloud providers and data analytics firms are proliferating across markets and landscapes, what distinguishes one from another? How can you know which one holds the keys to your agency’s digital transformation? 

The reality is that no matter how slick the advertising, how pervasive the presence across conferences and webcasts, or how high the C-suite’s former government offices … it’s the offerings that matter most. Are they thoughtful and well-crafted solutions designed to effectively meet needs with minimal friction? Are the teams composed of top-tier talent, skilled not only in their technical trade but in working with public-sector clients?

Do they offer the flexibility, agility, and end-to-end coverage needed to achieve your mission as it weathers a constantly, rapidly evolving landscape? Can they be your advocate?

These are big, complicated questions with wide-ranging and equally complex answers. However, they’re important questions to keep in mind when you’re trying to determine the best partner in building and expanding an enterprise data strategy and platform that will serve your agency effectively and dutifully for years to come.

One Company That Can Support the Whole Journey

Whether you’re starting out at Square One or you’re trying to determine the best option to streamline your hybrid maze, the ideal industry partner can support the entire spectrum of maturing operations and guidance throughout the journey. And that guidance shouldn’t just meet minimum criteria and requirements—it should be well-informed through experience spanning the entire lifecycle. 

Sounds nice, right? But what does that actually look like in day-to-day operations?

  • End-to-End Coverage
  • Ongoing Account Health Checks
  • Rich Knowledge Base on Core Technical Topics
    • Pool of cleared talent for projects that require resources with a clearance
    • Access to on-site or remote subject matter experts across the entire stack
  • Flexible Support
    • 24×7 (Monday-Sunday) Severity 1 Proactive Support Throughout Cleared Support Lifecycle;
    • 8×5 (Monday-Friday) Severity 2-4 Cleared Support
  • Support for Workflows and Escalation Process
  • Air Gap Tooling for Sensitive Data
  • Solution Guides & Production Summaries
  • Scheduled Cloudera Enterprise and Community Advocacy Manager Releases
  • Thorough Documentation
  • Proactive Support Throughout Lifecycle
  • Community Advocacy

A list like this looks good on paper—almost too good to be true. But when you can offer a complementary suite of talent and capabilities, and a robust arsenal of professional services and support, you can deliver Customer Experience as a Service—and set yourself apart from any competition.

The Value of Cloudera

 The list of impressive capabilities is nice to have, but it’s like having a roster of top-performing athletes—sure, they’re impressive to behold and capable of great feats. But more importantly: Can they work together?

In the IT services industry, we’ve learned that the “best value” does not equal the cheapest price. It’s the integration of professional services and best-in-breed support that pinpoints and delivers on what’s most important and most impactful at your specific agency for your distinct mission. Together our superlative professional services and award-winning [AC1] support are the not-so-secret sauce behind a compelling, successful digital transformation.

Agencies can fine-tune Cloudera’s offerings to best suit their particular needs, taking advantage of in-house skills and expertise, cutting-edge capabilities and access to the company’s elite squad of engineers, consultants, and architects. Depending on the combination of tiered services and support levels you choose for your agency’s Cloudera partnership, you can determine which path of the many available is the best for your organization.

Consult your resident solution architect for your strategic roadmap forward and opportunities to accelerate and excel; consult professional services to implement lasting change that catalyzes growth; seek our premier support for proactive guidance that optimizes performance and helps manage and remediate issues and fixes. Access training that elevates internal resources, maximizes hidden potential, ensures staff fluency with the platform and infuses fresh innovations.

Choices for Cementing Digital Transformation 

In the end, many companies will profess to turn your legacy systems into a high-tech tower of excellence. While we all know there’s no silver bullet, it’s also important to understand that missions and their needs change, that success is a team effort—and that there are always trade-offs.

Part of the reason there is no silver bullet is that every team, every mission objective, and every agency is different, and they all vary in their journey toward digital transformation. It all starts with knowledgeably defining a strategy and the key ways you plan to meet its overall goals.

The key to success lies not in the “shiniest object” or the most earth-shattering technological development. The truth is, you’ll likely know it when you see it. And when it’s a highly agile, well-versed, community-built provider of comprehensive solutions that offers top-tier, hands-on expertise, well, then you’ve met Cloudera.

Read more about our U.S Citizen and U.S. Soil support services  for the public sector.

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