Apache Solr

How-to: Index Data from S3 Using CDP Data Hub

This blog post will present a simple “hello world” kind of example on how to get data that is stored in S3 indexed and served by an Apache Solr service hosted in a Data Discovery and Exploration cluster in CDP….
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Apache Spark in the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

At the recently concluded Spark Summit conference, Mike Olson spoke about the emergence of Apache Spark as a new standard for Hadoop data processing. As part of that, we announced an industry wide collaboration with key organizations in the Hadoop…
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A Look at Apache Solr as the Open Standard for Search

This blog was penned by the following Clouderans: Alex Gutow, Justin Kestelyn and Eva Andreasson. Building an open and integrated enterprise data hub goes beyond just utilizing arbitrary open source components. As described in, “Compatibility and Innovation: Where One Ends,…
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