Cloudera Enterprise

Data Engineering is Critical to Big Data Success

I mentioned in an earlier blog titled, “Staffing your big data team,” that data engineers are critical to a successful data journey. That said, most companies that are early in their journey lack a dedicated engineering group. And the longer…
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Navigating the Data Hub at Cloudera Sessions

For over a decade, Search Technologies has been working on large enterprise search projects that increasingly have involved platforms like Cloudera Enterprise. As stated in this blog (My “Star-Studded” Evening at the 2015 Cloudera Data Impact Awards), search and big…
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Managing Data from IoT & Connected Devices

IoT – The Data Management Challenge With billions of sensors, smart machines, and connected devices generating and disseminating data every second, the Internet of Things (IoT) will place unprecedented demands on your organization’s data storage, processing, and analytics capabilities. Existing…
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