data normalization

Hadoop For Small Data

The Elephant in the room is real. Normally, this would be a bad thing as the idiom implies a large object that cannot be ignored but is being avoided. Here, I refer to corporate structured data that is the fuel…
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Need for Speed: Parallelizing Corporate Data

Fast. Today. Now. These are the terms of modern business. Data is the fuel of business activities. We need better fuel. Part two of this discussion series and the last TechLab Webcast (September 17, 2014) focused on Data Normalization as…
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Lab Report: The Final Grade

This blog was penned by Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky who is Founder of the PSIKORS Institute and Phasic Systems, Inc. We have completed our TechLab series with Cloudera. Its objective was to explore the ability of Hadoop in general, and Cloudera’s distribution…
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