Apache Spark – Welcome to the CDH family

The neatest part about being part of our market is the rapid rate of innovation we experience. Ideas from a variety of sources – industry, academia and sometimes industry spawned from academia (in the case of our partner Databricks) –…
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Waves of Adoption – Evolution of Hadoop Users

Over the last eight years of Hadoop’s existence we have seen what can be described as “waves of adoption” – there are distinguishable groups of users who adopted Hadoop at similar times and under similar circumstances. Each wave of users…
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Rethink Analytics: Insights from a Data Scientist – Part II

Previously, I talked about the three insights I gained from Josh Wills, Cloudera’s Director of Data Science, in preparation of the Rethink Analytics, with an Enterprise Data Hub webinar. In addition to my personal revelation during the preparation of the…
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