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The Power of Machine Learning in Insurance

Machine learning is in the news. Google says it is “rethinking everything” around machine learning. In Slate, tech writer David Auerbach argues that machine learning reshapes how we live. In Harvard Business Review, Mike Yeomans writes that “every manager” should…
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Dell and Cloudera Partner for Memory Intensive Workloads

When Hadoop was first introduced, its selling points were its scalability, its ability to process all types of data in high volume, and its great economics. While data processing speed was important, there were little demands for real-time performance in…
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Telco Fraud: Are We Winning the Wrong War?

  Dr. Ian Howells, CMO, Argyle Data Fraud is responsible for losses of approximately U.S. $38 billion a year from global communications providers’ revenues, but the telco industry is concerned that losses from undiscovered crime attacks are even greater. Harnessing…
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