modern data architecture

From EDW Optimization to Business Transformation

If I asked a question about the benefits in optimizing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with Apache Hadoop, from my own experience, 9 out of 10 responses had to do with either data archiving or the reservation of high-performance EDW processing…
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Your Self-Driving Car – How Did It Get So Smart?

Destination Autonomous The march towards autonomous vehicles continues to accelerate. While expert opinion differs on the specific timing and use cases that will emerge first, few deny that self-driving cars are in our future. Not surprisingly, when reviewing Big Data…
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Why are we treating Data like a Picasso?

Provenance, Lineage & Chain of Custody The models of Provenance, Lineage and Chain of Custody are used in fine art to determine when a piece was created, the sequence of locations where it was held, how it was touched along the…
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