Is Cloudera Trying to Kill the EDW? No.

There has been a fair amount of confusion about Cloudera’s position towards the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) in the market, as a technology, and in practice. We are hoping that with a little education this confusion can be put to…
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Big Performance Gains for Big Data

Intel, Oracle, and Cloudera collaboration pays off for easier, faster big data analytics By Prabha Ganapathy Imagine two teams of data analysts working on the same goal: to extract usable business intelligence (BI) from massive, growing data sets. One decides…
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Introducing the Data Lab

Ever wonder how Edison managed to invent the light bulb, phonograph, motion picture camera, storage battery, copy machine and whole bunch of other things? Yea, me either. Until one of my friends, who’s a bit of a historian, told me…
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