2017 – Another Award-Winning Year for Cloudera!

In many ways, 2017 was a singular year for Cloudera, not least because we staged a successful IPO and joined the ranks of the world’s fastest-growing, publicly traded companies. We deeply appreciate the vote of confidence and trust our customers…
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Practical Tips for a Successful Hadoop Journey

One of the really cool things about Hadoop is its flexibility. It’s a fantastic platform for data storage. It’s an active archive. It’s a system for doing ETL. It’s a way to explore and analyze new data. It’s a solution…
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Lessons learned for the modern data strategy

Let’s face it, big data can be hard. Now you may think this is a careless statement for a software vendor to make but bare with me and I’ll explain. Industry analyst Tony Baer (of Ovum Research fame) and I…
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