my talk at devnexus (links to video and preso)

Blog post added by Lester Martin This year’s DevNexus conference was great and I was thrilled to be a speaker.  They did not record the sessions and post them online, so feel free to see my dress rehearsal video and…
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Our Commitment to Accelerating Apache Spark

When Cloudera became the first vendor to ship and support Apache Spark in February 2014, Spark was already well on its way toward becoming the framework of choice for faster batch processing, machine learning, advanced analytics, and stream processing. Today…
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A Look Back at Spark as the Open Standard

This blog post was jointly written by Cloudera (Alex Gutow), Intel (Weihua Jiang), and MapR (Nitin Bandugula) – all companies that are part of the Hive-on-Spark Team As one of the most popular tools in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, there’s been…
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