opening up a port on centos 7 firewall (using firewalld)

Blog post edited by Lester Martin There I was on an AWS hosted node trying to access port 2181 and 9092 on another AWS node where I just followed the instructions at to get a stand-alone instance of Kafka…
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Practical Tips for a Successful Hadoop Journey

One of the really cool things about Hadoop is its flexibility. It’s a fantastic platform for data storage. It’s an active archive. It’s a system for doing ETL. It’s a way to explore and analyze new data. It’s a solution…
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Driving the Future of Big Data the Open Source Way

This blog post was penned by Irshad Raihan, Big Data Product Marketing Lead, Red Hat. Market disruption is a term bandied about quite casually these days. However, in the past twenty five years, there have only been a handful of genuinely…
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