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Top 5 Questions about Apache NiFi

Over the last few weeks, I delivered four live NiFi demo sessions, showing how to use NiFi connectors and processors to connect to various systems, with 1000 attendees in different geographic regions. I want to thank you all for joining…
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With Love, Cloudera 2020 Interns

Most companies strive to provide a quality internship experience. At Cloudera, we take it to another level offering work with cutting edge and open source technologies, product experimentation, meaningful mentorship and group activities.  Yes, we aim to give our early…
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New Applied ML Research: Few-shot Text Classification

Text classification is a ubiquitous capability with a wealth of use cases. For example, recommendation systems rely on properly classifying text content such as news articles or product descriptions in order to provide users with the most relevant information. Classifying…
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