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New – Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Back in 2018 I wrote about the first two members of the Amazon FSx family of fully-managed, highly-reliable, and highly-performant file systems, Amazon FSx for Lustre and Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. Both of these services give you the…
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Welcome to AWS Storage Day 2021

Welcome to the third annual AWS Storage Day 2021! During Storage Day 2020 and the first-ever Storage Day 2019 we made many impactful announcements for our customers and this year will be no different. The one-day, free AWS Storage Day…
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When Data Redefines Companies

The more an enterprise wants to know about itself and its business prospects, the more data it needs to collect and analyze. Additionally, the more data it collects and stores, the better its ability to know customers, to find new…
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